Jan 21

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Chile STSM 2013

Prof. D. González Nilo will make a short term scientific mission in Madrid during January. The goal of this mission will be to exchange knowledge, expertise and ideas on Free Software for 3D Electron Microscopy for the reconstruction of biological and medical specimens, as well as to seek and pursue opportunities for scientific collaboration in nanotechnology of medical drug delivery. During his visit he will also deliver a seminar at CNB to present his recent advances in his research lines.

3D electron microscopy is enabling scientists to visualize subcellular structures in three dimensions. CNB, in Madrid, hosts leading groups working in free 3DEM analysis software (Dr. J. M. Carazo) and experimental groups applying these technologies (Dr. Carrascosa and Dr. Valpuesta). Both, Spanish and Chilean groups have been working for a long time together to set up a 3D-EM facility in Chile.

Dr. González-Nilo is also working on molecular simulation and nanotechnology. His recent advances in building nanoparticles that can be used to deliver anti-cancer drugs in a manner that is specific and greatly reduces toxicity to the rest of the organism shed great promise in the future therapy of cancer. This technology can also be applied to other similar problems, and this trip will help groups in Madrid interested in this technology to get in contact with Dr. González-Nilo to discuss collaborations.

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