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FLOSS means Business

Are you in for Business? We are!

We are not against commercial companies. Indeed, we encourage you to build companies that develop and use free software, and can provide this, much needed support.  We believe there is a large ecosystem demanding you to provide cost-effective tools and services, and we also believe that, by embracing FLOSS, you can also benefit from the work of others through collaborations, reducing your costs and increasing your product’s quality and, ultimately, your benefits.

Many of us have been in the business of delivering support, training and services for almost 30 years now. Our experience is that Science and Health is a thriving ecosystem, a place where there is always something new to learn, use, develop or sell. And we did not need to do everything ourselves. Instead, we took the work of others, contributed and distributed it for free… charging those interested in getting additional services: courses, support, data analysis and processing, development of free, easy to use, user interfaces, new tools or personal tweaks… that would increase the demand for further training and support.

Sure, many professionals will not need our (your) help. Those knowledgeable ones, at the wave front of development, will solve their own problems anyway.  But you can free them from the hassles of support by distributing their works and delivering that support yourself, allowing them to concentrate on furthering knowledge, spreading their works and making a dime for yourself at the same time.

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