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You get to reduce significantly all your costs. Picture for instance the cost of a computer operating system: recent versions of popular commercial operating systems may easily retail for 200-100 USD/EUR. If you consider the cost of your average computer, this easily accounts for half to one quarter of the total cost of the hardware. And that’s only for the nude operating system, without any productivity tools! By switching to a FLOSS system (like Linux, any BSD variant, OpenSolaris, QNX, TRON, etc…) you would be able to make a significant saving in your operating costs. Add to that the cost of an office suite, an image processing program, and most of the tools you normally use… it comes as no wonder that most modern, cheap computing devices (such as tablets, smart phones, TV sets, video players, MP3/MP4 devices, etc…) and even many no-so-cheap devices (such as your car, fridge, TV computer) are built on top of FLOSS.

That’s a direct saving for your pocket. But it is not the end of the story.

Modern research and health requires complex and advanced systems. Traditionally these were (and still are to a large extent) provided by closed-source companies whose products were terribly expensive (often in the tens or hundreds of thousands of USD/EUR range). These products are rarely entirely built by these companies, instead, most often they rely on software developed by academics to solve cutting-edge needs: the actual business model usually is to collect proven, stable academic software, bundle it conveniently, perhaps throw in an easy user interface, and sell it back to academy and hospitals at a huge price.

This is not a bad business model, it saves professionals the hassle of hunting and threading together many disperse pieces of software, and often simplifies its use reducing learning times. Scientists and Health professionals benfit by getting stable -butt dated- tools and reducing their effort, albeit at an arguably high cost, which is translated to tax-payers. And that is you!

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