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Programa CYTED

FreeBIT is a network of scientists concerned with the raising costs of research and its impact in Society. FreeBIT members aim to promote use and development of Free and Libre Open Source Software in the Life and Health Sciences as a means to reduce costs and improve quality of research results through access to the most advanced tools, helping in this way to improve your quality of life.

FreeBIT has been funded by Programa CYTED (Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo), an Iberoamerican funding agency from 2010 to 2012, and all participants want to deeply acknowledge their support in getting this initiative launched.

FreeBIT activities include promotion of Conferences, Workshops, scientists exchange among groups, enticement of joint initiatives and, most important training courses oriented to end users, scientists, developers and private companies all alike.

Recently, FreeBIT has started joint cooperation activities with SOIBIO, ISCB and a large number of other networks of excellence.

FreeBIT is active in 41 out of 250 countries! That’s 16.40% of the world!

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