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FreeBIT activities

FreeBIT members are always on the lookout to improve public welfare through the use of the latest free technologies. To this end, we sport a number of different activities, targetting opinion makers, scientists, companies, developers and the public at large with a stake in the Life and Health Sciences:

  • Expertise exchange
  • Dissemination through workshops and conferences
  • Training Courses and Tutorials
  • Induction talks and demonstrations
  • Tool development
  • Research and Development
  • User support

Most of these activities are open to the public and offered free of charge thanks to CYTED generous support. You are strongly encouraged to attend any and all of the activities we organize and to actively participate helping us broaden the adoption of excellence prqactices in the Life and Health Sciences.

We have collected quite a few pictures of our activities which you are welcome to browse.



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FreeBIT meetings

We have sponsored a number of conferences and meetings since FreeBIT was started. Usually we will coordinate our activities with those of other networks and societies to achieve a higher impact. The following are some of the conferences we have organized: 2010 Annual General Meeting: coorganized with SOIBIO, the PROSUL Network on Bioinformatics, and the …

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FreeBIT servers

Offering user support is at the heart of our activities. We have developed a number of web sites to provide this support addressing a number of needs. Some of them are: (this site) (a site devoted to analysis of macromolecular structures) (a collection of free-software tools for Life and Health usable through …

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FreeBIT courses

We host two educational web sites, EDUSOFT, located at the U. of Malaga, and a Moodle e-learning school. Additionally, we have started a collaboration with SOIBIO and ISCB to promote development of open access materials for training in Bioinformatics and Biocomputing, with special involvement of their respective student chapters. We produce training courses, materials and tutorials aimed at end users, scientists, developers, …

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