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FreeBIT servers

Offering user support is at the heart of our activities. We have developed a number of web sites to provide this support addressing a number of needs. Some of them are:

  • www.free-bit.org (this site)
  • sting.free-bit.org (a site devoted to analysis of macromolecular structures)
  • tools.free.bit.org (a collection of free-software tools for Life and Health usable through the www)
  • edusoft-free-bit.org (a collection of educational and training materials
We are preparing/restoring the following sites
  • edu.free-bit.org (our moodle-based e-learning web site)
  • wiki.free-bit.org (our free-software wiki)
  • forum.free-bit.org (our forum system)
  • social.free-bit.org (our social networking system)
  • pub.free-bit.org (our periodic publications and journals system)

Stay tuned for more news about our developments.

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