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Aug 08

CYTED course on Quantum Mechanics

We are happy to announce the upcoming (November 2012) CYTED Course on Linear-Scaling methods in Computational Quantum Mechanics, with applications in the Life and Health Sciences. This course is organized through CYTED Action 510RT0391, FreeBIT. This is a hands-on, practical introductory course on the use of novel Linear Scaling Methods in Quantum Mechanics, with a …

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Oct 14

Bioinformatics Workshop at U of Talca, Chile 2011


We are organizing a Workshop on Molecular Simulation and Drug Design at the University of Talca, in Chile, scheduled for November 28 to December 2nd. The site web page is This workshop is focused primarily on rational drug design. In this context, topics like homology modeling, ligand docking, mixed QM/MM methods, quantum chemical methods, molecular mechanics-based free-energy calculations will be discussed.

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Aug 08

Workshop on Computational Biology, Campinas 2011

We are glad to announce that we will be organizing a Workshop in Campinas, Chile, in collaboration with EMBRAPA (to whom we are most indebted) during October 16-17. This will be a satellite event to the Congress in Florianopolis. The workshop is being organized by Dr. Goran Neshich, and will have guest from FreeBIT (Dr. …

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